The Wawasee List
Class of 1973

Class Members
Bauman, Robert
Bauman, Robert
Bradley (Laughlin), Diana
carpenter (rensberger), denise
Coburn (Spurling), Yvonne
Corbat (Snyder), Lorree
Dye, Chip
Grady, Mark
Hawn, James
Heil (Troyer), Karen
Hershberger (Gingerich), Jane
Hively (Wolferman), Darcy
Howard (Fulford), Lynn
Kachmann (Lawson), Rhonda
Leek (Cox), Cindy
Lundquist, Linda
Maresh, Lance
Mullett (Gaskill), Cathy
Rapp, Chuck
Robie (Day), Allison
Scott (Kinney), Cindy
Tom, Kip
Tucker, Craig
Ward, Steve
Willis (Greiner), Cynthia (Cindy)
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9/16/201340th class reunion?
5/26/2013WHS Diplomas
1/21/2013Re: Brad Smith Update
10/4/2012Re: Mike Clark obituary
10/2/2012Mike Clark obituary
7/26/2012Re: Brad Smith Update
5/15/2011Re: Yearbooks
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5/23/2009Wawasee Alumni Association Membership Drive
6/2/2006Allie Neff
5/19/2006Brad Smith Update
4/26/2006Past WHS Yearbooks For Sale
4/26/2006Past WHS Yearbooks For Sale
6/30/2004Wawasee Yearbooks (round #3)
10/7/2003Laura Nickels Scholarship
9/11/2003Breast Cancer Walk for former employee, Karen Parr
4/27/2002WHS List Business Cards
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