The Wawasee List
Class of 1970

Class Members
Alles (Brown), Becky
Ananvi (Jones), Collins
Austin (Beatty), Linda
Bahn, Sue
Brennan Sr, Ricky
Coy, Mike
Crosby (Yoder), Nancy
Doty, Kent
Gross, Michael
Gross, Michael
hamell, les
Hedington (Cain), Sandy
Heil, Rex
Koontz (Schell), Chari
Kuhn (Sellers), Debbe
Pickerell (Wolferman), Deb
Plummer (Jackson), Sherrie
Rowland (Thornburg), Jenny
Sparbel (Mishler), Deb
Stanley (Sharp), Penny
Thomas, Daryl
Tibbitts (Gnass), Georgia
Traster, Jay
Turner (Clark), Cathy Ann
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1/21/2013Re: Brad Smith Update
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10/2/2012Mike Clark obituary
7/26/2012Re: Brad Smith Update
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6/2/2006Allie Neff
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4/26/2006Past WHS Yearbooks For Sale
4/26/2006Past WHS Yearbooks For Sale
6/30/2004Wawasee Yearbooks (round #3)
10/7/2003Laura Nickels Scholarship
9/11/2003Breast Cancer Walk for former employee, Karen Parr
4/27/2002WHS List Business Cards
4/2/2000W. C. S. C. added to Yahoo!
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