The Wawasee List
Class of 1975

Class Members
Alexander, Sheila
Eber (Reiff), Laura
Kleinknight, Joe
Kunce (Moser), Judy
Lacas, Mark
Lovellette (Harrison-McFarren), Deborah
Lukas (Cook), Denna
Mangas-Smith (Mangas), Anne
Martin (Weaver), Kathy
Miller, Debra
Packer, Charles
Stump (Dean), Nikki
Stump (Dean), Nikki
Yager (Franke), Cindy
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5/26/2013WHS Diplomas
1/21/2013Re: Brad Smith Update
10/4/2012Re: Mike Clark obituary
10/2/2012Mike Clark obituary
7/26/2012Re: Brad Smith Update
5/15/2011Re: Yearbooks
5/14/2011RSS Feeds
5/23/2009Wawasee Alumni Association Membership Drive
6/2/2006Allie Neff
5/19/2006Brad Smith Update
4/26/2006Past WHS Yearbooks For Sale
4/26/2006Past WHS Yearbooks For Sale
6/30/2004Wawasee Yearbooks (round #3)
10/7/2003Laura Nickels Scholarship
9/11/2003Breast Cancer Walk for former employee, Karen Parr
4/27/2002WHS List Business Cards
4/2/2000W. C. S. C. added to Yahoo!
3/3/200025 Year Reunion - Class of '75
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